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The Society for the Pilates Method has been formed by some of the UK's leading Pilates teacher training providers.

We are committed to supporting excellence in Pilates education and teaching, and want to ensure that the full potential of Pilates is made accessible to the broadest range of clients.

Words from the Founders

The SPM represents a step change for the Pilates industry in the UK. It will provide a much-needed voice for teachers and an assurance of quality in training and teaching. We are proud to be a Founding Member of this important initiative.
Lynne Robinson
Here at MK Pilates we are very proud, excited and fully committed to our role in the creation of the SPM where education providers are coming together to raise and maintain the standards of teaching in the Method.
Michael King
The Pilates Foundation are delighted to bring UK Pilates training organisations together to build a collective platform for our profession that will help educate the public and protect the integrity of the whole body of Joseph Pilates’ work.
Hana Jones

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SPM to play a key role working with EMD on Pilates Scopes of Practice

Released June 13th 2024

The Society for the Pilates Method (SPM) is proud to be working closely with EMD, the recognised UK National Governing Body for Group Exercise, as part of the ‘Uniting the Movement’ initiative.

The outcomes of this project will provide greater transparency on a teacher’s or instructor’s qualifications; provide them with a route path to develop their skills and knowledge; allow the public to check on a teacher’s registered Scope of Practice (what they are qualified to teach); and help clubs to ensure that they are recruiting properly qualified staff.

This will be rolled out over the next 12 months and, for Pilates, will include 12 Scopes of Practice that reflect the different ways in which the teaching of the Pilates Method and the instruction of Pilates-based exercise is delivered today across matwork and studio apparatus.

The SPM has defined these Scopes of Practice in association with EMD and with input from PD:Approval, our quality assurance partner. More details will be released shortly.

In response to the recognised wider role that the SPM will play across Pilates in the UK, we will be implementing some key changes going forward in terms of the SPM Register of Teachers and Professional Membership for training providers.

One of the key aims of the SPM is to protect the integrity of the Pilates Method through the quality of education and teaching. This has not changed, and we will continue to emphasise the need for in-depth training if someone is going to be able to teach the Pilates Method to its full potential.

We recognise that Pilates is often taught in an adapted way for specific categories of clients and we want to reflect this in the new Scopes of Practice and in the SPM Register. We also recognise that there has been a massive surge in participation in higher intensity Pilates-based matwork and group Reformer classes and we will include these within the specific Scopes of Practice. We call these ‘Pilates-based’ as there is generally a limited connection to the fundamentals of the Pilates Method in these classes and in the training of the instructors who deliver them.

In conjunction with EMD, we have a busy year ahead but look forward to providing a unified and inclusive voice for Pilates in the UK – and to ensuring the best outcomes for everyone involved. As part of this, the SPM’s Directors took part in EMD’s panel session at Elevate in June 2024, where the focus was on how ‘Uniting the Movement’ will impact on the Pilates sector. We will continue to provide regular updates.  

Calling All UK Pilates Training Providers!

Professional Membership of the SPM is open to all UK-based training providers who currently offer Pilates Matwork or Comprehensive (matwork plus studio equipment) training, and who are willing to adapt their programmes to be recognised against the SPM’s standards. Accreditation against the SPM standards demonstrates both a commitment to quality and to protecting the integrity of the Pilates Method. 

We will be posting a ‘Getting Started’ pack here very shortly. In the meantime, you can download an Application Form or email us for more details.

The SPM Register of Teachers: New categories on the way!

The SPM already represents around 2,000 Pilates Teachers. From Autumn 2024, the SPM Register will welcome applications from individual Pilates teachers holding a ‘Level 3 Pilates’ qualification. This comes ahead of a wider expansion of categories on the SPM Register of Teachers, linked to the newly-defined Scopes of Practice that will become the reference for Pilates qualifications.

SPM Director, Leigh Robinson, said “This is a key next step in the Society for the Pilates Method becoming the natural home for UK-based Pilates teachers. Demand for Pilates is booming, so it is critical that the SPM reinforces the importance of quality in teaching in and education and, in doing so, that it  represents the interests of Pilates professionals and gives them a voice.”

In due course you will be able to download a Register Application Form from the Register page on this site. In the meantime, please email us for more details.

Is your Reformer Pilates class safe?

The SPM shares concerns expressed recently in the international media (including the Times (UK) and Channel 7 News (Australia)) about an increasing number of injuries sustained in high-intensity Reformer classes with a large number of participants, compounded by class teachers often having only attended a short training course. These classes are essentially Pilates-based with only a limited connection to the Pilates fundamentals and teaching principles, but the reputation and integrity of the Pilates Method risk being undermined by them. The new Pilates Scopes of Practice being introduced in 2025 will look at how best to support the education of class instructors to ensure maximum benefits and safety for all participants. More details will follow.  

Pilates in the UK: A Brief History

Much has changed since Alan Herdman first started teaching Pilates in the UK in 1969. The attached History timeline, created by Jonathan Grubb, details key milestones during the first 40 years as Pilates went from relatively obscurity to widespread recognition.