The Society For The Pilates Method

Promoting excellence in Pilates



The Society for the Pilates Method has been formed by some of the UK's leading Pilates teacher training providers.

We are committed to supporting excellence in Pilates education and teaching, and want to ensure that the full potential of Pilates is made accessible to the broadest range of clients.

Words from the Founders

The SPM represents a step change for the Pilates industry in the UK. It will provide a much-needed voice for teachers and an assurance of quality in training and teaching. We are proud to be part of this important initiative.
Lynne Robinson
Here at MK Pilates we are very proud, excited and fully committed to our role in the creation of the SPM where education providers are coming together to raise and maintain the standards of teaching in the Method.
Michael King
The Pilates Foundation are delighted to bring UK Pilates training organisations together to build a collective platform for our profession that will help educate the public and protect the integrity of the whole body of Joseph Pilates’ work.
Hana Jones

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Pilates in the UK: A Brief History

Much has changed since Alan Herdman first started teaching Pilates in the UK in 1969. The attached History timeline, created by Jonathan Grubb, details key milestones during the first 40 years as Pilates went from relatively obscurity to widespread recognition.