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About The Society

The SPM is a not for profit organisation made up of industry leading training providers, chaired by a group of individuals with decades of teaching, training and business experience between them

We believe a core set of shared goals and values will enable us to continue to grow as individual teachers and as an entire community of professional practitioners of the Pilates Method.

Our Mission

SPM Members

The SPM has been formed to create an alliance of Pilates training providers within the UK to ensure and promote the delivery of quality training.

We believe in continuous personal development through self-practice and the embodiment of Joseph Pilates’ teaching

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We welcome Pilates training providers who deliver a comprehensive training of both apparatus and matwork, or are already offering matwork training and are committed to including the apparatus training within their syllabus.

For you to be listed on the Register, your Training Provider must be an SPM member and able to confirm that you have been undertaking professional development courses since you originally qualified. 

If you teach Pilates and hold, at a minimum, a Level 3 Matwork qualification, please get in touch with your Training Provider as they will need to endorse your application.

We are not able to accept applications from individual teachers who are not aligned to an SPM Member.

At the point of launching, the SPM Register of Teachers will only denote two qualifications: Matwork and Comprehensive (Matwork plus Studio Apparatus). Your Training Provider must be an SPM member and your training must be deemed to have met the requirements of the new standards.

Further occupational standards for specific areas of Pilates teaching are in development with PD:Approval and will be published in due course.

If you hold a current Reformer qualification issued by your Training Provider, this is still valid and recognised for insurance and teaching purposes.

Your Reformer qualification may go towards your SPM Comprehensive Qualification if you choose to complete the apparatus training. As a Reformer qualification is not equivalent to a fully Comprehensive teaching qualification, you will only be listed as a Matwork teacher on the SPM Register of Teachers.  You will still be able to set out all the details of your qualifications on your personal website or in a listing on your parent organisation’s website.

If you would like to be listed on the SPM Register of Teachers but the Training Provider that you trained with is not going to become an SPM member, then please contact one of SPM’s member organisations and they may be able to formulate a route plan for you.  You may have to undertake a short “conversion course” if your original training needs to be updated to the new standards.

SPM membership is open to Training Providers who offer teacher training in both Matwork and on the full range of studio Apparatus (through to Advanced level).  In this first phase, our plan is to be in contact with all training providers who meet this requirement. When we are in a position to do so, we will then open up contact with matwork-only training providers who are working towards delivering a full programme of apparatus training in the very near future.

As a Pilates professional, it is important that you annually update and extend your skills and knowledge through continued professional development (CPD) courses, workshops, and classes. Ongoing membership of the SPM Register of Teachers will be based on you fulfilling the CPD requirements of your parent organisation, who must be an SPM member.

No, the SPM Register of Teachers is not a reference for insurers. You will be able to continue to take out insurance cover based on the qualification certificate(s) you received from your Training Provider.