About the SPM

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Who are we?

The SPM is an alliance of the UK’s leading Pilates training providers. Formed in 2020 as a not for profit organisation, it is founded upon many decades of Pilates experience.

It will work to protect the reputation and integrity of the Pilates Method through the knowledge, skills, and passion of its registered teachers and through the comprehensive educational programmes that are offered to them.  

We aim to be an open, supportive and inclusive organisation – whether that is for our member training providers; for those teachers on the SPM Register; or for any teacher who wants to join the Register by taking a ‘bridging course’ with an SPM member.

We will also work to ensure that clear career pathways and development opportunities are in place for any teacher who understands that the teaching of Pilates is a professional vocation that requires continued learning and dedicated self-practice.

Our aims

SPM Members

The SPM was founded by Body Control Pilates, MK Pilates, and the Pilates Foundation. 

Alan Herdman Pilates and Pilates in Motion joined as Founding Members. 

Balanced Body Education became an SPM Member in 2023. 


SPM Partners

The SPM is proud to appoint Balanced Body as Lead Sponsor and exclusive Equipment Partner.

The SPM has recently been recognised by One Dance UK within its UK Healthcare Practitioners Directory.  One Dance UK supports all those working in the dance sector to achieve excellence in performance, education, and management. 

SPM Directors

The SPM’s three Directors are: Hana Jones (Pilates Foundation), Michael King (MK Pilates), Leigh Robinson (Body Control Pilates).

We believe in continuous personal development through self-practice and the embodiment of Joseph Pilates’ teaching

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We welcome UK-based Pilates training providers who deliver a comprehensive training in both studio apparatus and matwork, or providers who only offer matwork training. In both cases, you must commit to adapting your course content and assessments within a given time frame to meet the requirements of the relevant SPM standard. 

If you are a UK-based training provider and would like to join the SPM as a Professional Member, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@thesocietyforthepilatesmethod.com and request an application form or more information.

There are two routes to go onto the SPM Register:

  1. Ideally your Training Provider or parent organisation is an SPM member. They must be able to confirm that you have been regularly undertaking professional development courses in the past and you also need to continue professional development (CPD) whilst on the Register.
  2. If you teach Pilates and hold a Level 3 Pilates Matwork qualification, you are welcome to apply to join the SPM Register of Teachers in an individual capacity as a ‘Pilates Matwork Instructor (Associate)’. In doing so, you must commit to the SPM Code of Practice and also to meeting the SPM’s ongoing CPD requirements. The cost is currently £30 a year plus VAT. To apply, or for more information, please contact info@thesocietyforthepilatesmethod.com

If you would like to be listed on the SPM Register of Teachers but the provider that you trained with is not planning to become an SPM member, we’ll do our best to help. You can either:

  1. Join the Register as a ‘Pilates Matwork Instructor (Associate)’ as detailed in the previous question.
  2. You may like to contact one of SPM’s member organisations to discuss taking a short “conversion” or “integration” course” that ensures that you are fully accredited against the new SPM Matwork standard and the Comprehensive Studio standard, if applicable.

In principle, yes but they must adopt, and their courses be ratified against, the relevant SPM Matwork and/or Comprehensive standard(s). The latter requires them to offer, or plan to offer in an agreed timeframe, the full range of studio apparatus (through to Advanced level). 

Upon application to join the SPM as a Professional Member, a training provider will receive a summary of the relevant SPM standard(s). This will be sent by PD:Approval, who oversee training accreditation on behalf of the SPM, and it enables the training provider to understand the processes, costs, and potential timing involved. Upon embarking on the process, the training provider will received Provisional Professional Membership of the SPM and will be asked to pay a joining fee of £250. 50% of this is refundable should the training provider fail to gain ratification against the SPM standard(s). 

Full Professional Membership is granted upon approval against the SPM standard(s).  

The SPM welcomes new Professional Members and, in conjunction with PD:Approval, will do what it can to support training providers on this journey.

As a Pilates professional, it is important that you update and extend your skills and knowledge through continued professional development (CPD). This can be through courses, workshops, and classes and should typically amount to 2-3 days each year. An ongoing listing (renewed annually) on the SPM Register of Teachers is be based on you meeting this.

If your parent organisation is an SPM Member, the Register requirement is aligned to the CPD scheme run by them.

If you join the Register on an individual basis as a Pilates Matwork Instructor (Associate), you are asked to submit your annual CPD Record to PD:Approval (on behalf of the SPM) upon renewing your listing. You will have discounted access to CPD courses and workshops offered by SPM Members.

The SPM Register, from early 2024, will show two qualifications: Matwork and Comprehensive (Matwork plus Studio Apparatus).

Matwork will have two categories:

‘Pilates Matwork Teacher’, being someone who trained with an SPM Member.

‘Pilates Matwork Instructor (Associate)’, being a teacher holding a Level 3 Pilates certificate.


If you hold a current Reformer qualification issued by your Training Provider, this is still valid and is recognised for insurance and teaching purposes.

Your Reformer qualification may count towards your SPM Comprehensive Qualification if you choose to complete the apparatus training. You will only be listed as a Matwork teacher on the SPM Register of Teachers until you have completed the apparatus training. 

You will, of course, still be able to list all qualifications you hold on your own website and, where appropriate, in the listing on your parent organisation’s website.

No, the SPM Register of Teachers is not a reference for insurers. You will be able to continue to take out insurance cover based on the qualifications you received from your Training Provider.