How to Become a Member

Are you a Training Provider?

  • Membership of the Society for the Pilates Method (SPM) is open to specialist Pilates teacher training providers, based in the UK.

  • To qualify for SPM membership, a training provider must offer matwork teacher training and a full programme of studio apparatus courses through to advanced level, with that training delivered by suitably experienced tutors.

  • We fully recognise and support that teaching approaches, course content, curriculum, and course structure will differ across SPM members. We do not believe in a prescriptive approach to training.

  • We welcome training providers who share our values to uphold the integrity of the Method and to ensure that all current and future students have access to the full body of work through the courses they attend and the expertise of the tutors who deliver them.

  • Matwork and apparatus training and certification must be approved against the new SPM standards and independently endorsed by PD: Approval, our Quality Assurance partner.

For more details, please contact the Society at 

Are you a Pilates Teacher?

SPM membership is only open to Training Providers. 

As a Pilates teacher you can, however, apply to join the SPM Register of Teachers, which will be published on this website in the coming months. To appear on the Register, your parent organisation or training provider must be an SPM member, so please get in touch with them for more details.